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I. Making Reading Matter: Guidelines for selecting, developing and disseminating easy readers for adults

making reading matterMaking Reading Matter highlights the key processes and approaches involved in successfully selecting, developing and disseminating easy reading material for adults.

It is based in no small part on the experiences of a civil society organisaiton, the ERA Initiative, which draws on experiences from Asia, Africa and Canada.

Making Reading Matter, asks questions and raises issues that need to be considered in order to ensure that the materials acquired for adults wanting to raise their reading proficiency are as relevant and appropriate to their needs as possible.

It is a useful handbook for communities and agencies working to advance Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals relating to adult literacy. Making Reading Matter, is book 16 in Perspectives on African Book Development, a series of the Working Group on Books and Learning Materials of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA). (2006)

II. From Dust to Diamonds: Stories of South African Social Entrepreneurs

dust to diamondsSocial Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that’s generating much interest among economists, business executives, philanthropists, activists and innovators around the world. Though the term ‘social entrepreneurship’ remains quite fluid, it is commonly used to describe the work of committed individuals who aim to effect large-scale social change through innovative solutions.

From Dust to Diamonds tells the stories of 19 South African social entrepreneurs, mostly based in Gauteng province. The profiles narrate these individuals’ innovative approaches to various social challenges existing in their communities at different points of South Africa’s recent history.  The issues they seek to address span many different sectors, including education, health, environment, youth at risk and media. Each story demonstrates the individual’s passion, vision and wholehearted commitment to social transformation.

From Dust to Diamonds is written in a style that will appeal to a range of audiences from social justice activists to business entrepreneurs. A ‘Lessons Learnt’ section at the end of each chapter and overall insights detailed at the end of the text make it a valuable education tool. (2007)

III. the face of the spirit: illuminating a century of essays by South African women

face of the spiritDid you know that Helen Suzman had to endure sexist jokes from Members of Parliament while fighting a lone battle to have the Abortion Bill revised? Or that Charlotte Maxeke’s style of oratory would often move her audience to spontaneous applause and laughter?

“Nice to know’ is but one aspect of this face.  Necessity is the other.  It is necessary for younger and future generations to know the many sacrifices suffered by our foremothers to achieve the freedom we have today.  Their marching feet and upraised fists ensured a history we feel most poignantly, painfully and passionately.

Few countries can claim, in as short a time, the rites of passage we can and while this book showcases the writing of one hundred women, it in fact salutes all South African women who carried us on their backs and in their hearts through the 20th century.

the face of the spirit: illuminating a century of essays by South African women was researched, compiled and published by Beulah Thumbadoo & Associates on behalf of the Department of Arts & Culture, SA. (2007)