Hi, I’m Beulah Thumbadoo

and this is how I show up in the world as a social entrepreneur.

I am:

a Catalyst to get things going.

a Connector for common good.

a Campaigner for constructive change.


a Coach to help move you forward.


I have not been comfortable simply navigating through life, accepting that I needed to fit in or do what my contemporaties were doing.  There was always an underlying quest to discover what the point, purpose or meaning of life was. A Constant Craving. Why on earth are we here? The answers and purposes that others found, did not satisfy me. Life may ultimately be a great mystery and each of us finds our own answers, but I have come up with several that serve me for now, drawn from many sources of wisdom.

I intentionally did not have children, did not get attached to a job or career or legally bound to a partner. I have not led a conventional life by some standards.  I did get attached to reading, lifelong learning, contemplation, friends, pets, television series, music and these have all been great teachers.

On most days I am a failed vegan but keep trying; I think it more rational to see the world as a dismal place for many but despite this, I strive to live in faith, hope and love.  Most often I succeed.

Shall we chat?

If you want to bring about a strategic change in your organisation or in your own life and have been wondering how to go about it, give me a call.  I hope that my straightforward approach will work for you.



+27 (82) 553-6733‬

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