I am a coach to help you move forward.

I started integrated life coaching in 2016 and find that my 34 years of experience across sectors; at Higher Education Institutions like UWC, Wits, GIBS and UCT, as well as in the world of social entrepreneurship and the NGO sector, helps me to identify with a broad range of issues people grapple with.

Always an empath and a reliable friend, these personal attributes easily transfer into the coaching space, framed by the discipline and boundaries of the integral coaching methodology of the Centre for Coaching at UCT’s Graduate School of Business where I studied.

2020 sees me accepted onto the Centre for Christian Spirituality’s Spiritual Director database. The world needs multi-disciplined healers and I am excited about holding silent space or having sacred conversations for those in need.

I see my life coaching practice making an concrete contribution to anyone who feels jaded, stuck, burnt-out or without hope, but who still believes they can turn things around and is looking for an honest, confidential conversation to help get them there.

If anything about above resonates with you and you think I might be able to help you to think/feel through something or embark on a new path, get hold of me now. I would really like to hear from you.

Shall we chat?

If you want to bring about a strategic change in your organisation or in your own life and have been wondering how to go about it, give me a call.  I hope that my straightforward approach will work for you.



+27 (82) 553-6733‬

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